Mathematics. Hard and Soft Sciences. Engineering and Design. We are nerds. We love this stuff.

Back in school, everybody had to learn just the requisite amount of math and science needed to be successful in everyday life. Once competancy in reading, writing and 'rithmetic was achieved, we could move on. For many, this was the last time they cracked a book on a technical subjects. For us at Eymiha, we never put the books down.

We look at these areas not just as a collections of information to taught and studied, but as the tools that enable us to be more effective and productive. This is the stuff to be used.

Mathmematics has a really special place for us. Being the language of the sciences, and the more Math you know the more technology you can make, we study it hard. From the humble beginnings of Algebra, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Probability and Propositional Logic, we moved into Calculus, Differential Equations, Topology, Graph Theory, Game Theory, Optimization and Operations Research. Besides all this mostly-pure math, we did all sorts of appied math, especially work in Computability, Graphics, Information Theory, Signal Processing and Cryptology. Being able to take a mathematical approach to working for our clients has netted them better, faster and more reliable software and systems.

We classify Hard Science as of the stuff going on outside our heads, and Soft Science as of the stuff inside. Physics and Chemistry are the basis of Hard Science, with derivative areas such as Life Sciences (Biology, Physiology, Zoology and Botany), Earth Sciences (Meterology, Geology, Paleontology, Ecology) and Space Sciences (Astronomy and Astrophysics), and understaning these are the basis for the work we've done in each of the domains. Soft Science is based more on behavior and statistics than direct measurement, and understanding areas like Psychology, Sociology, Communications and Politics is critical when designing interactive systems. What's more, we almost never work with a discipline in isolation — work for our clients has always crossed several scientific domains together. Having experience across the sciences gives us insights that we can use to make surprising things.

When it comes to Engineering, actually building a solution through the application of Math and Science to a problem, Eymiha shines. The discipline of Engineering takes the symbolism and theory and makes it pragmatic, iteratively measuring and making solutions. Our experience tends to the Computer, Electrical and Mechanical sides of the Engineering house much more than Chemical or Civil, but creating complicated software and machines links you more closely to the former. But across all of the areas, the Engineering mindset (big picture thinking with attention to detail, and testing throughout the process) is precisely what is needed to assure what is built is what was intended.

We learn Mathematics and Science and apply an Engineering Discipline to deliver the best solutions to serious problems. Big problems. Difficult problems. Real problems.

We spend time every day to keep up with it all. Math, Science and Engineering are a multi-faceted disciplines that never stop changing, and we feel that it's a requirement of what we do to continually learn them better throughout our lifetimes.

Eymiha is ready to nerd out for you.

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