Finding a group of people who can help you get biggest projects done is not easy. In fact, it can be the hardest part of creating, enhancing or maintaining something.

There are more software developers writing code today than ever before... but sadly, most of them are hacks.

And when things get complicated, forget about it. Most developers have neither the skill nor experience to handle the truly big projects.

When you have a big application to produce, you may be tempted to go to a large software development organization specializing in building large enterprise applications. If you go that direction, get ready to pay a lot of money. While some of them are quite good, you're paying overhead - the actual developers are seeing just a fraction of what you're being charged. But if you don't mind financing a product delivery guy's life to the tune of $600 an hour on top of a dozen just-off-the-street programmers, be my guest.

And don't even think about going offshore. Any big, complex application worth building requires a deep understanding of how the problem looks in the users' minds. While there are some very cheap resources in other parts of the world, they will not have this understanding, and will have no basis to acquire it. The application invariably ends up feeling like a bunch of little applications that aren't really working together - because they were written by a bunch of individuals that weren't really working together, none of which could see or understand the big picture.

At Eymiha, we love to create that big, deep, complicated software. When the domain is richer, when the problem is harder, when the system is complex, that's when we shine. We will talk to you and figure out how everything needs to fit together, and then build it - and it will actually work! While your problem is unique - as all problems are - we have a big bag of tricks and decades of experience that will get your product written and delivered, and loved by your customers. If you've ever been dissatisfied in the past trying to create a big new product, we will kill that giant and get your most serious work done.

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