There's a lot going on in the world of systems and software. The pace has increased and more developers are creating new code — so much that keeping up with everything new isn't possible. This has put consultants and developers in a real bind. Today, many of them have decided to differentiate themselves by specializing — and charging more money.

Some developers do only front end work, concentrating on perception and user experience. Some developers work on just the back end, concerned about server performance and scalability. Some developers worry about security and harden systems against attackers. Some developers focus on building APIs that allow a new system to play nicely with others. Some developers don't even develop anymore, they just tell you what you ought to do and how you ought to do it.

We certainly understand the drive to specialize, but when you get all these experts together to talk about what you need, it's like watching a cat rodeo in the rain. They bicker and argue and finally may even build something that works, but when it breaks only they can fix it — that can get really expensive.

In our opinion, that's no way to do business.

We believe it only takes a few good people working together to build something amazing. They don't need to specialists — they should be adept generalists who can built on what's come before and add only the new things that are needed. It's the balance between the old and the new that truly delivers. Building on a legacy of value that's been growing for decades, value that was predicated on the work of all the techs who came before us is smart. Throwing out what works just because it isn't new and shiny is silly.

At Eymiha, we understand the value of both the old and the new, the ability of experienced generalists, and that making what works for you is the most important thing.

Of course, we keep up with the currently popular development frameworks and languages. We're adept and work agilely.

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