Living Through Worry
This is my twentieth consecutive day on the bench. While there, I'm writing a kick-ass time-tracking system on rails and creating proposals. However, I worry about my employment future. My wife is finishing her second week of work in the current year as an elementary school librarian. But she is not able to be a librarian because she has to teach 95% of her time, nearly 1000 kids per week. I worry about the effects of the stress that's building on her. My mom, sister and her kids are the victims of a Justice system through which they can no longer be protected. Security has been removed that was holding up against a a dangerous situation. I worry about their safety. And of course, these are just what's in my head this morning. There're all the other worrisome things going on in the world I'm not even trying to consider... Step back. Relax. Mental and physical deep breaths. The universe stretches infinitely in space and time. Enjoy being in it and think in the moment. Life may be full of things that will make me worry, but I have gotten this far. Don't worry so much. I'll get through it. Strive forward. I just need to keep in mind that it's harder for the bastards to aim, pull the trigger and hit me if I keep moving.