Web Apps and Native Apps
A web app is not a native app. I know this in my head, but in my heart I want them to be the same. Rails is ever so nice. The deeper I go, the cleaner it seems - the thin client attitude just feels so right, especially when Ruby and Rails make it so easy. This is the way I should be doing all my app development. And yet, a web app is not a native app. The controls aren't the same. The browser isn't as dynamic (even with Ajax). The bandwidth is limited. I don't get the clean and perfect app I envision... But wait - isn't this just the attitude of the older hacker dog coming out in me instead of the younger software pup? Consarn it, I'm not too old to change! Perhaps I should get with the program, do the dew, and ride the wave - compromise my meticulous look-and-feel sensibilities for the ease and convenience of the quick new paradigm. Yeah. So, a web app is not a native app. Big deal. Today, productivity really does reign. I don't want to spend the time I used to putting together apps - I have more need than ever to get more done more quickly. I'll do what I need to to make things work, and make them look more native and pretty when it's important or quick or easy - but I'll make things work first. I'm not caving in, I'm just becoming more pragmatic. I still know I can do it when I need to - but it's time for me to happily embrace another change in my thinking. A web app is not a native app. _Carpe Webum!_